10 Career Podcast To Help You Achieve Your Future Goal

Sometimes motivational advice is what truly makes the difference between succeeding and not succeeding. Here are some podcasts that can help you to achieve your goals.

  1. Future You – If you’re a graduate, trying to navigate the job market can be both daunting and demoralising. Future You provides advice from careers advisors, employers, graduates and other experts in the field on topics such as how to get your foot onto the career ladder, how to gain entry into specific career fields, how to tackle the application process and what graduate schemes are all about. To the struggling graduate, Future You gives clarity and a sense of reassurance.
  2. How I built This – There is nothing more inspiring than hearing a rags to riches story. How I Built This presents discussions with the entrepreneurs behind some of the most well-known companies in the world. From Headspace to Dyson, this podcast provides essential advice from the world of all things business.
  3. Confident Conversation – Hosted by Sherry Bevan, Confident Conversations is specifically geared towards ambitious women. Covering topics that include maternity leave and time management, this podcast acknowledges the differences in experiences that women have with the job industry.
  4. How to Fail – Whether you’re applying for a job or working, in the job industry we often face a lot of rejection and failure that can get us down. How To Fail with Elizabeth Day discusses the experience of failure with prominent successful figures such as Dame Kelly Holmes and Lily Allen. By discussing failure with individuals who have found the path to success, How To Fail stands as a testament to the idea that we can learn from our mistakes to achieve our goals.
  5. Get What You Want -Every week Karen Brady converses with female entrepreneurs on how to succeed in business as a woman. Discussing the challenges that women face and suggesting the solutions to follow with the likes of Jo Malone and Kelly Hoppen, you will undoubtedly feel inspired to tackle the business world head on with this podcast.
  6. Safe For Work – Discussing all things workplace, Safe For Work covers all forms of challenges faced in the office in manners both interesting and witty. From common topics such as eating healthy, to miscellaneous topics such as handling the office environment as an introvert, you will definitely find something for you when tuning into Safe For Work.
  7. Being Boss – If you want to pursue anything creative, Being Boss is for you. Aimed at creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, Being Boss discusses subjects such as marketing tips for Instagram, how to get a book deal, and how to find brand ambassadors. All in all, this podcast provides an insight into the creative world and aims to help you succeed in doing what you love.
  8. Switch, Pivot, or Quit – Looking to switch careers and need advice? Hosted by Ahyiana Angel, who successfully switched careers from a sports entertainment publicist to a published author, this podcast could answer all of your questions. Switch, Pivot, or Quit provides podcasts on a weekly basis, advising women on how to better themselves personally and professionally, and how  to seek career change in a world where women are still told who to be.
  9. How Did You Get Into That? –  Whether you’re looking for your first job, contemplating a career move or thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, How Did You Get Into That? hosted by Grant Baldwin, will motivate you to achieve your goals. Interviewing people from a range of career fields and backgrounds, How Did You Get Into That? discusses some more niche jobs, such as how to be a puzzle editor and how to build your handmade product business, much of which is bound to trigger your curiosity.
  10. Squiggly Careers – Created to help you take control of your career.  Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, cover all things work: described as a ‘conversation with friends’ This podcast covers topics from how to manage stress, to overcoming problems with confidence, micro-aggression in the workplace and discovering your strengths.