Stilettoes and Invoices

Entrepreneurship programme for Lone Parents

LocationLondon and the South East
ClientLone Parents


The “Stilettoes & Invoices” programme is designed to empower women or lone parents to start their own business. This programme features all aspect of starting a business, including drafting a business plan, cash flow forecasts and relevant strategies.  It also features motivational speakers that are relevant to this group.


“I have always wanted to start my own Nursery, I never knew where to start, the idea has always scared me if I am honest, however the “Stilettoes & Invoices” programme took away that fear, I now feel enthusiastic and confident that I can do this, having help to complete my business plan was the highlight of the programme for me and also hearing from the speakers who I can relate to who has gone on to own their own business has inspired me. ” – Nicole Thompson, 32