About Us


We exist to provide social impact through employment services. We specialise in offering services to both the public and private sector to bridge employment gaps as well as increasing diversity and inclusion within organisations to create a more inclusive workforce.

What we do

What We Do - Training


We train people to learn and develop new skills that will enable them to secure or develop within employment.

What We Do - Careers


We work with our consumers to get the best out of themselves.  Our services enable individuals to take accountability for their careers and help them figure out what they want to do with it.

What We Do - Recruitment


We work with employers to ensure we have a range of vacancies for our clients.


Our Achievements

Prince's Trust/RBS

Enterprise of the Year Award 2013 Finalist

ERSA Award Finalist

ERSA Award for Best Partner 2017 Finalist

An Invitation to the House of Commons

To discuss the work we were doing to support Over 50’s into employment

In the Media

Featured in the media such as The Evening Standard, South London Press and BBC Radio News

Partner With Us

We are passionate about providing services to support both the public and private sector to deliver services that will benefit people looking to gain or develop within employment.

Whether your seeking support to meet your contractual needs or looking for creative solutions to contribute to your existing services, partner with us and we will be able to help you. Here is why you should partner with us:


We are passionate about making a difference


We can provide creative and innovative solutions to solve welfare to work issues


We pride ourselves on offering excellent service


ERSA Best Partner Finalist 2017


We adhere to our core values

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Telephone: 0203-669-1968
Open: Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00